Charity video training at All We Can


We’ve been running charity video training courses for many years now and have run several courses at CAFOD, Macmillan, Mission Aviation Fellowship and most recently at All We Can.

Training delivers results

“I’m heading to Togo next week and need to take some footage – help, I’ve never done this before!” - was this a case of Purple Flame to the rescue?!

Power cuts, translations and spicy lunches...

The lights flickered and died for the third time that morning, along with the computer screen fading to black as another power cut affected the small ADD office in Mongla. This was training Bangladesh-style and I was rapidly having to learn to adapt and work around a number of technical and operational issues, on top of adapting my (normally fairly fast-talking!) pace to work with the translator and find alternative words for some of the technical terms that I would sometimes use.

Getting your message across - understanding a proposition statement

On the training course we run for charities and corporates, teaching them to use small handheld zoom and flip-style cameras, one of the areas that we cover is planning for the shoot. We are keen that people go out with a clear idea of what they need to film, why they are filming it and with half an eye on what the final edit is going to look like. Planning ahead and having a strong identity for the video means that the filming will be focused (unintended pun) and directed (ok, I meant this one...!)

Charity Video Training at Macmillan

Last week we ran a video training session with Macmillan Cancer Support. The goal of the course was to teach the basics of camera operation and editing to people who might not have much previous experience shooting video. The Macmillan staff were extremely enthusiastic and their response was very positive.  All attendees are now able to shoot and edit films and are looking forward to creating their own compelling films which tell their story visually. It's a fairly intensive 8 hour session. Phil started by talking about the basics of image aesthetics, including framing, lighting, etc.

Video Training for Charity Staff

We've run lots of video blog training courses for charity staff and we're looking forward to running courses for MacMillan next month.  We train charity staff to use simple blog-style cameras to be able to quickly shoot and edit short films suitable for upload to YouTube or for internal communications.  The staff we've trained are now able to capture stories visually when they find themselves in the middle of incredible stories in places that few people would otherwise hear from - fulfilling a central part of Purple Flame's ethos of helping to be a voice for the voiceless.

Media Training

Yesterday, I got the chance to observe a Purple Flame training session. We met in center city early on in the day for what was to be a 6 hour training session. Essentially, MRDF is creating a short video bringing to light the difficulties the local farmers of Togo have faced in recent years. MRDF is sending several of its people out to Togo to capture the story.

Video blog training

Over the past year, we've trained over 20 staff at CAFOD to use simple blog-style cameras (see our earlier review post here - although the bloggies have been superceded by the newer Zoom cameras) to be able to quickly shoot and edit short films suitable for upload to youtube or for internal communications.

A year of training at CAFOD

We've run several training courses at CAFOD through this year, training 3 groups of 6 people how to use basic video cameras and produce short blog style pieces suitable for upload to the web.


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