"Thousands of views and an increase in fundraising..."

“We’ve had thousands of watches, plenty of shares and an increase in funding coming in through our website”

This is the kind of feedback we like! It’s not just about creating charity videos that the client likes, but about films that impact the audience and make a positive difference for the charity in the way that we want.

4 stations, 2 years and 6 cameras

Phil from Purple Flame Media, running the charity video training course

What if your audience can't hear you?

When creating a video we have no idea under what circumstances it is going to be viewed. There are numerous devices and settings someone could be viewing the video and some might suffer from a hearing disability. An article by Digiday UK reported that 85% of videos shown on Facebook and other social media sites are viewed without sound.  So, this begs the question, do you have subtitles on your videos?

All about the content - iPhone training at St. Joseph's Hospice

A friendly greeting and a light and airy lobby welcomed me into St Joseph’s Hospice in East London  - I was there to run what is rapidly becoming our most popular course of iPhone filming and editing.

Charities learn to produce videos on an iPhone

"A lot of great information - really looking forward to putting it into practise!" 

Create Engaging Charity Videos on Your iPhone

Want to turn your iPhone into a powerful marketing tool for your charity? Our new one day charity video training course will show you how to plan, film, edit and share dynamic and impactful videos.  

Here at Purple Flame Media we’ve been training charity staff to produce their own short videos for several years.  We’ve trained many charity teams including CAFOD, Macmillan Cancer, Target Ovarian Cancer and All We Can and now we’re running a group training course for a number of charities to attend.

Charity video produced on a mobile – IOF competition winners

I was glad of a warm reception as I arrived at the entrance to St Kentigern’s Hospice; outside the ice was crunching under foot and a brisk wind blowing. I’d travelled up to work alongside the fundraising department at the hospice – they’d won our December IOF competition with a strongly worded, straight-to- the-point entry that clearly outlined a case-study that they want to film, to highlight the work of the hospice.

Why Blue Skies Help Charity Video Training

Somehow, we seem to have got lucky every time we’ve run a training course – once again, blue skies and the prospect of a pleasant day heralded the start of a day’s training. Why is this important? Mainly because the courses we run are very hands-on - we like to get our trainees out and about to practise filming in a range of differing circumstances and not just be stuck in a featureless training room!

How To Film On Your Mobile

Our video training workshops usually train charity staff to shoot and edit videos on flip cam cameras but recently we’ve run a couple of courses using iPhones. For shorter video clips, many of us are increasingly using our mobile phones and as editing apps become easier to use, we decided to produce a series of 'how to' guides to help clients shoot and edit their own short videos on their mobiles.

Training with Urban Expression

Last week we held a training session with a few members of the Urban Expression team over at King’s Cross station.  They came to us wanting to learn more about cameras and filming so they could go out and create their own video for their trust. The group was taught everything from how to work a camera to how to set up and film a good interview.  On the first day of training, they were taught the technical side of the camera. We focused on camera basics like how to use a camera properly and what the camera controls mean.


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