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Creating a successful charity video

We’ve been producing films for over thirteen years and we truly believe in the power of a video to help charities be seen, heard & understood. A compelling film will help you tell your story and engage with supporters. However, as more and more charities are creating video content, the bar is being raised and now you need a video which doesn’t just tell your story but which stands out too. To us at at Purple Flame Media that means creating strong content that engages with target audiences.

Getting your message across - understanding a proposition statement

On the training course we run for charities and corporates, teaching them to use small handheld zoom and flip-style cameras, one of the areas that we cover is planning for the shoot. We are keen that people go out with a clear idea of what they need to film, why they are filming it and with half an eye on what the final edit is going to look like. Planning ahead and having a strong identity for the video means that the filming will be focused (unintended pun) and directed (ok, I meant this one...!)

Effectively Communicating CSR Initiatives

Companies are increasingly aware of the many business benefits of managing socially responsible business processes.  A solid and well established CSR programme does more than build a strong reputation; it also has a positive influence on business profits and leads to increased chances of attracting and retaining the most talented personnel.

Our 5 most popular blog posts of 2012

Happy New Year from all of us at Purple Flame!  It's the season of lists - the top, best & worst of everything in 2012 so we thought we'd take a look back at the top 5 Purple Flame Blog posts which were read most in 2012:

Role of the Filmmaker

There's currently a video online that's drawing much controversy. The video captures a man collapsing in the London Tube and nearly everyone around him doing nothing. Many seemed shocked at what happens in the video... the way everyone ignores their role in helping the man. People have also voiced discontent with the making of the video itself and people are questioning the ethics of the filming.

Video of Man Collapsing on the Tube

Focus in Communication

Today, we're going to briefly discuss the importance of having a strong proposition when communicating via media. It goes without saying that using video to tell your story has numerous strengths: you can communicate with both image and sound, you can emotionally engage the viewer, you can visually illustrate data, you have multiple platforms for distribution... the list goes on and on. If you're looking to utilize video to get your message across, one of the most vital points to grasp is the power of developing a strong proposition statement.

World Wonderings

Our collection of photos from our travels around the world is free to download for ipads / iphones.

Video Interview Tips

Many of the films we produce for charities and companies promoting CSR involve interviews.  Making sure that interviewees can confidently get their organisation's message across in a media interview is key to creating a strong and compelling film.  At Purple Flame Media we pride ourselves on our communication skills and our extensive experience in interviewing means that we can conduct successful interviews which tell your story effectively.  We work with our clients to write interview questions which help to communicate their key messages and we know how to frame interviewees on film and g

The Power of Online Video Content

Here at Purple Flame, we love to create broadcast and interactive media with a social conscience.  We’re witnessing a digital revolution with millions of web users watching online video, particularly on social media so we wanted to look at how effective video content is in promoting charities and corporate social responsibility.

Video blog training

Over the past year, we've trained over 20 staff at CAFOD to use simple blog-style cameras (see our earlier review post here - although the bloggies have been superceded by the newer Zoom cameras) to be able to quickly shoot and edit short films suitable for upload to youtube or for internal communications.


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