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Phoenix Annual Report wins TPAS award

We've just heard that one of our clients, Phoenix Community Housing has won a Tpas award (Tpas are a national tenant engagement charity) for their Annual Report 2015-16. We worked with Phoenix last year to produce a whole raft of photography and video content to go in both their printed and digital annual report; what makes Phoenix really unique is the way in which they involve tenants in the whole process. 

Diamonds, beer and lasers

Working for the Royal Society is never dull – we’ve recently been contracted to produce a series of films celebrating their Innovations Awards and also looking at the balancing act of a scientific career that encompasses both commercial and academic aspects. The process has taken us from a furniture factory in Camden, to University campuses in London and Warwick and to a brewing laboratory in Nottingham.

Fundraising Live 2017

Following a year of significant disruption across the charity sector, charities of all types and sizes are reinventing the way they communicate with supporters and seeking to build more meaningful and sustainable relationships. This year’s Fundraising Live conference was an important event for UK fundraisers, bringing together charities and suppliers to learn, share and network and this years event was sold out.

Can your audience hear you?

An increasing amount of internet traffic is now devoted to video. Cisco estimates that by 2020, around 82% of all global internet traffic will be video. The way that we're watching and interacting with video online is changing all the time.

Personal story videos shortlisted for awards

Nearly 500 videos entered the Charity Film Awards and close to 50,000 members of the public voted so it’s great to hear that two of our videos have been shortlisted for an award.  The Charity Film Awards were launched this year to celebrate the sector’s use of video, whether for raising awareness, changing attitudes and behaviours or fundraising.

What if your audience can't hear you?

When creating a video we have no idea under what circumstances it is going to be viewed. There are numerous devices and settings someone could be viewing the video and some might suffer from a hearing disability. An article by Digiday UK reported that 85% of videos shown on Facebook and other social media sites are viewed without sound.  So, this begs the question, do you have subtitles on your videos?

Charity Video Production Guide

Producing a fundraising or educational charity video involves a detailed production process of planning, filming and editing.  Clear communication and thorough planning are vital in ensuring that filming is effective and the final film fulfils the production aims and objectives, thus delivering an engaging video with strong key messages and a compelling ask.

Healthcare charity videos connect with target audiences

One of the key questions we ask when planning a charity video is - who is this video targeted to; who is your audience?

Clearly defining the target audience ensures that the creative and messaging connects with the audience on a personal level and that the video gains maximum impact.  Understanding the audience allows us to understand what motivates a community to act; this insight helps us to create the right video style and messaging to engage, inspire and motivate.

How to gain a good video interview

Our video training courses train charity staff to create short videos on their iPhones and one of the key parts of the training is helping people to gain a good video interview.  Speaking to a beneficiary, volunteer, fundraiser or staff member is an effective way to show the difference your charity makes.  Once you’ve identified someone willing to tell their story, the next challenge is ensuring that the interview brings out the best of their story. Interviewing can be challenging and asking the right questions is key to telling better stories. 

Telling stories that matter

At the heart of our work is telling stories that matter and these films require a strong narrative. A compelling story creates an emotional response thus helping viewers engage with a charity’s work.  We’ve filmed all over the world, meeting people facing tremendous challenges and hardships and being able to hear their voice and their experiences in an authentic and sensitive way is an effective way to engage supporters.  Inspiring stories will emotionally grab and connect on a more personal level. 


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