Paralympics Inspiring Diversity In The Workplace

Purple Flame Media are currently filming in Telefónica (02) offices and stores around the UK to produce a CSR film highlighting the success of their diversity policy in the workplace.  The video will be hosted on their new careers website and will cover all issues of diversity including disability.

Building new lives for NEET young people

Purple Flame Media’s latest video production for the housing charity Habitat for Humanity showcases their innovative new building project in Banbury.  The Miller Road Project provided training, life skills and affordable housing to vulnerable young people.  Through partnerships with local organisations the scheme provided housing and training opportunities for 20 young people who were not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Diversity film for Telefónica

Early July saw us travelling to Dublin for a couple of days filming with Telefónica (O2). We're creating a production to promote their diversity policies on a new careers website. The process has been quite a long one in pre-production as we have been working alongside both the diversity manager in the UK and recruitment in Ireland, to first identify people who were happy to volunteer and talk about diversity issues and then craft a fairly precise script for them to deliver.

Work Experience on Location

Purple Flame have recently finished a film looking at how Habitat for Humanity is renovating empty homes. Yesterday, they finished the last bit of filming for their latest project ; Habitat for Humanity also construct new-builds and as part of the scheme in Banbury, have given young people from troubled backgrounds training and a chance to gain a qualification, through building new houses. These houses are then able to provide affordable homes to those who were having financial difficulties.

Getting the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Charity Message Across

As we head towards 2013, there are huge economic, environmental and humanitarian challenges facing the world. Drastic environmental changes are being witnessed, in the developing world over 30,000 children are dying from preventable diseases each day (UNICEF, World Health Organization) and a quarter of the world's people live in severe poverty (UNDP Human Development Report 1997). So what are big corporations and charities doing about these crucial matters?

Are CSR departments a necessity or redundant?

Last week, Keith Weed, Unilever’s chief marketing officer was in the news as he claimed that CSR departments are redundant. Speaking at the Marketing Society annual conference he claimed that having a separate department tackling sustainability – made CSR an add-on – rather than incorporating it into the business (which is why, he says, Unilever doesn’t have a CSR department).

Everyone has an Opinion

You have your friends because you have a lot in common. Therefore, you are used to being around someone who is very similar to yourself. So then it's still a weird feeling when you meet a wide range of people different from yourself. This week I experienced that when we had to do our short film on corporate social responsibility. We interviewed a little over 30 people but asked probably around 10,000 to 100,000 Londoners it seemed like. Camera shy is apparently something most people seem to have in common though.

Purple Flame's carbon footprint

We are in the process of creating a Purple Flame Media environmental policy. As a team we are all passionate about injustice, poverty and numerous humanitarian issues. The controversy lies in the nature of our work, we travel a great deal to developing countries reporting on various issues and producing videos to make the truth known over here.

Obviously we want to do what we can to minimise our impact we have to our global community. So on the ground here in the office we have come up with some action points to get us started:


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