CSR Videos Changing Perceptions & Stereotypes

Our latest CSR films were produced for technology company Avanade to help change the perception of technology and encourage more young people to consider a career in the sector.  Whilst encouraging a wider and more diverse scope of applicants the films aim to particularly encourage girls into the industry.  We produced two films for different audiences, one for schools and one for community outreach; they were similar in terms of content but distinctly different in terms of emphasis of delivery.  Both films demonstrate the wide range of careers in the technology sector and show the variety

Creating engaging infographics for charities

In charity marketing campaigns, compelling and eye-catching visuals are really important.  Infographics are a great way to consolidate data and share information with supporters and when done well they are more visually stimulating, simple to digest, and shareable than just text content.   As they’re so visually compelling, they’ve become very popular in recent years – the number of searches for “infographic” has already surpassed searches for “email marketing”!

'Diversity & Inclusion: the Avanade Way' shortlisted for RAD Award

Last week we were really pleased to find out that our latest CSR video has been shortlisted for an award.  For 24 years the RADs has championed the very best of recruitment marketing and our Diversity film for Avanade has been shortlisted in their new ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ category.  ‘Diversity & inclusion: the Avanade Way’ celebrates diversity and inclusion within technology company Avanade and illustrates the diverse range of people working at all levels in the company.  To promote the approachable and inclusive attitude that Avanade fosters the video is being deployed online on

Keeping it local

Since Purple Flame began, we have been privileged to  travel around the world, filming in all manner of far-flung locations - but this year we had the opportunity to keep it almost on the doorstep, when our local council, Lewisham, approached us to pitch for a film to promote the building and innovation work that had taken part in the borough's schools

Creating diversity in STEM-based careers

This week, Phil and I went to Faversham to film a CSR video for Avanade, a company that works with businesses to enhance their technology services.  The purpose of the film is to encourage more women and minorities to pursue a career in technology.  According to the BBC, women only hold 17% of technology jobs and 8% of engineering jobs.  A report from Race for Opportunity found that students from a Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background only accounted for 19% of students studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) related subjects.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at Technology Company Avanade

We recently completed production on our latest CSR film for technology company Avanade.  'Diversity and Inclusion: the Avanade Way' celebrates diversity and inclusion and illustrates the diverse range of people working at all levels in the company.  To promote the approachable and inclusive attitude that Avanade fosters the video is being deployed online on YouTube, the Avanade website, Avanade social media channels and in employee internal communications.  The film is primarily being used as a recruitment tool and is targeted at potential employees.  However, it’s also being shown to inter

The true price of throwaway fashion

After a building housing clothing factories collapsed in Bangladesh last week 402 people were killed, over a thousand have been injured and 149 are still missing.  Today thousands of workers holding red banners and flags took to the streets of Dhaka at the start of a series of nationwide demonstrations on what is a public holiday.

Effectively Communicating CSR Initiatives

Companies are increasingly aware of the many business benefits of managing socially responsible business processes.  A solid and well established CSR programme does more than build a strong reputation; it also has a positive influence on business profits and leads to increased chances of attracting and retaining the most talented personnel.

Making a CSR Film with a CSR Policy

Twelve years ago Purple Flame Media was created to produce humanitarian films which made a difference.  Our objective was to make creative and authentic media which inspires, informs, motivates and challenges. This ethical motivation which founded Purple Flame Media continues to drive the development of the company. We specialise in producing compelling videos for charities but we also work alongside companies to help them visually promote their csr policy and communicate how they manage their business processes to produce a more positive impact on society. 

Telefónica (02) Diversity In Recruitment

Our latest csr film has been produced for Telefónica (02) to highlight the success of their diversity policy in the workplace.  We filmed in several Telefónica offices and stores in the UK and Ireland and spoke to their staff about their experiences around diversity.  The video has been hosted on their new careers website and highlights how staff at Telefónica are proud to work for the company because of their inclusive policies that celebrate diversity and respect differences.


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