World Aims - 48 hrs to make a film!

Camera - check. Lens - check. Microphones - check.


It felt as if someone had fired a starting gun - once again I was in Truro to film the World AIMS week at the local school. World AIMS (Action In Methodist Schools) encourages schools to engage in issues impacting our world - this week Truro was looking at "Reduce, reuse and recycle". Purple Flame had been commissioned to film this event over the two days and then have a film ready to play out the following morning! No pressure then...

Speaking at the Institute of Fundraising National Convention

This week (July 2014) has seen the National Convention for the Institute of Fundraising taking place - we were delighted to be invited to speak at this event, running a session looking at the use of film in legacy fundraising.

Three out of one - and one more to come!

In the last month, we’ve just completed on the third production for All We Can, producing a film to support their 2014 Harvest Appeal using footage and interviews that we gained in Burundi earlier this year.  We’re particularly pleased that, despite a very short-time frame, we were able to work alongside the team at All We Can to maximise the number of outputs we were able to gain from the trips to Africa and Nepal.

Forgotten conflicts

It is just over a decade since I boarded the Air Kenya flight with several bags of equipment and boxes of digital video tape, alongside with co-directors Jay and Ray on the way to Rwanda to film Lesley Bilinda's story.

Rwanda Genocide: 20 Years Later.

This week marked a time of reflection in Rwanda, as the nation remembered the more than 800,000 people who were massacred 20 years ago. The genocide, which only lasted 100 days, still has impact on life in Rwanda today. In some cases, people who were involved in the murders 20 years ago now live and work with the surviving family members of those they murdered. For me, being only 20 years old, I was an infant during the time of this tragedy. It's crazy to think about how at the beginning of my life, other people's lives were being cut short for no reason at all.

Post production on All We Can’s charity re-brand film

Our latest charity film was produced to support the re-brand of MRDF to become All We Can.  Our last blog talked about the background to the project and our filming trips to Burundi and Nepal and in this blog we look at post production from both a director and an intern's perspective.

A director's perspective:

Dangerous cliffs and sunburn - filming All We Can's latest charity film

Going behind the scenes on the filming trips for MRDF's latest charity video:

Viral Charity Videos and What Makes Them Successful

There are thousands of charity videos out there, hoping to get viewers to support or donate to their cause. But what makes a charity video go viral? Here are some of my favorites and why I think they succeed.

Charity video engages with supporters to 'Help Us Grow'

Mothers' Union is an international Christian membership charity that works around the world to promote stable marriage, family life and the protection of children.  In the UK and Ireland there are four million members, Mothers' Union provides them with a community network for prayer, financial support and the ability to actively work in programmes that meet local needs.

Building parish ministry with Mothers’ Union

An effective working partnership with the clergy is essential to the work of international Christian membership charity Mothers’ Union and we've produced a charity video to show how Mothers’ Union is enhancing community ministry.  Targeted at UK clergy, Bishops, church leaders and lay leaders in the Anglican church, the film shows the involvement of Mothers' Union and their work at a local level.   The film helps to strengthen the relationship between the charity and the clergy by showing how Mothers' Union increase capacity in supporting parents and families in local communities.  The film


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