United Christian Broadcast Legacy DVD

As the other two have been finalising the editing and graphics for The Mothers' Union DVD, I have been organising our new project with UCB. The production explores the difficulties of sustaining ones faith in this very secular society, with the hope to inspire the viewer to leave a Christian Legacy to UCB to help the forthcoming generations in prayer, resources and suport.

Arrival in Uganda to work with Mothers Union.

It was a full and tiring day of travel yesterday, starting at 3.00am at London and ending at midnight in Kampala. Trying to sleep in the heat with a noisy fan and wash with very limited water was a sharp reminder this is Africa. Life happens differently here, our expectations of everyday comforts are not always going to be realised. Phil and I are both feeling rough with the flu, so it is a discipline to rise above it.

Fyrish Parenting - day 2

It was a day of ceremony and graduations. On our way to film the parenting group we visited another parenting group as they graduated and handed out the awards. It was a very special occasion for the graduates especially as our guide Sheran is the President of the Mother's Union, and Vikki and Nicola were from Mary Sumner House, the Mother's Union's place of pilgrimage.


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