Behind the Scenes

The UK is Shattering My America Work Ethic (In A Good Way)

Cal Woodruff (Purple Flame Intern Autumn 2011)

Respect and Training

My internship experience has been so exciting this week. Phil went on a sailing vacation for the week and left me a key so I could get in and out of the office. When I arrived there Thursday, I realized I would be completely alone for most of the day. It feels great to have a supervisor that trusts me to do the things I have been asked to do. I don’t feel as if American internships would give me this opportunity.

Key Messages and Inspiring Projects

I can’t believe I have been in London for three weeks now. It feels like time is flying by, especially when Purple Flame Media is gearing up for some exciting projects and activities. It has been a very busy week here and I have been trying to keep up with the steady workflow. I edited together an emergency VNR for CAFOD on their trip to Ethiopia. I had heard about the ongoing drought crisis there, but to see it first hand through the footage and editing was a great experience. I hope that my work here will bring coverage of this forgotten crisis to an all time high.

In Other News

Some really exciting things have been happening this week. Purple Flame won an award and from the looks of their wall, this is not their first! It is exciting to be a part of a company that is highly commended for their work. I am also feeling more comfortable around the office and I feel like I am getting to know Phil and Christine better. We had a meeting yesterday and it really made me feel like I was involved and a part of the team.  I have started to get into the flow of things around here as well.

6 cups a day...

Having come from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I feel much at home in London, with the bustling crowds and packed railway systems, not to mention the diversity of people here. I did not, however, expect to find myself in a place called Nunhead, a seemingly “off the map” town for me and my classmates. Little did I know that a short train ride would land me in a place where I feel even more at home. Purple Flame Media couldn’t be a better fit for me as an intern. It has been two days and I already feel comfortable and adjusted in a new setting.

Signing Off

Looks like I am leaving London with a bang, seriously. Not often your city is involved in  riots that's continuing into its fourth day. Purple Flame is located in between two of the riots but this community is keeping their chins up and organizing a clean up of the area. It shows that not everyone is going to stand by and let this happen.  This great city may be in chaos but there is still work to be done.

Time Flies

Where has the time gone? I have been working for Purple Flame for over a month now and sadly the end is within sight. It amazes me the progress I have made since I started working with film. When you start something like this, you think it's a hobby. You never can look far enough into your own future and see one day you would be filming on locations in London. You really see the progress you made when you watch others learn the tricks of the trade for the first time. Whether I end up making a film masterpiece or not, I can say I had fun along the ride.

The Ideas

It is that great feeling of completion that makes hard work worth it. The weight of the world is off your shoulders and now you're ready for anything. Well for me, I just finished my short piece on Corporate Social Responsibility, probably just a mere 15 minutes ago. Throughout the process, I have really been able to learn more about CSR and why it is needed in today's society. Judging from the people we interviewed, most feel the same way and hopefully companies will listen.

A Change of Pace

First week as an intern can be a stressful time for anyone getting started in any career.  Now add the element of working in a different culture can make things even more nerve-racking. However, Purple Flame Media has made the transition very easy and I’m excited for what’s coming. I came from a marketing background with a strong interest in editing and media. Coming from Tucson, Arizona working with mostly a business background, I feel I can contribute through a different perspective. Working with a small company is a new but great experience for me.

Final Reflection

Since today is my very last day with Purple Flame before I head back to the United States I wanted to make sure I updated on all the last pieces of work I have been able to help out on. This week was mostly devoted to finalising the CARE re-shoot edits that we took in Westminster as well as making some improvements to the 10th anniversary piece. I feel so fulfilled and really happy taking a look back on all the work I have been able to accomplish during my time here. Although limited, I feel as if my time spent at Purple Flame was much more rewarding than some of my internships back home.


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