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It's been a brilliantly busy few months here at Purple Flame and I'm realising I've written very few blog posts because of this - so about time to write an update with all that has been going on.

¡Adios, Purple Flame!

As I look through Purple Flame's Media's picture book titled World Wonderings, I realize how much work and dedication this media company has had since the begenning. With my time ending here as Purple Flame's intern, I look back seven weeks from today and take in everything I have learned.  From editing skills, to making a good cup of tea, I have also learned how to be a better intern and a better employee.

The Visual Content Revolution

In the past five years, social media has evolved into an almost necessity in the daily lives of millions of people around the world. With Facebook holding more than 845 million active users, people now connect with each other through comments, re-postings and likes. However, the ultimate trending topic right now in social media seems to be visual content.

Exploiting interns

Over the past few years, the topic of interns or work experience students has kept popping up - mostly with a negative slant looking at the way they can get abused, under-paid and generally left to do the most menial of tasks with a minimum of support or supervision.

Logging away...

Well who would have thought? A young woman from a small town in South Texas making her way through the busy streets of London and discovering new territories while studying abroad in the mother country. Yes, that is me indeed. And as Purple Flame Media's new intern, I am excited to collobarate with the company's projects and learn so much more about the media world.

A year of training at CAFOD

We've run several training courses at CAFOD through this year, training 3 groups of 6 people how to use basic video cameras and produce short blog style pieces suitable for upload to the web.

Drums, guns, dancing and village greetings in Mali

As the 4x4 bounced down the dusty and pot-hole riddled road, a man appeared from behind a tree, raising his rifle to his shoulder. A deafening shot rang out and the Malian driver and our translator laughed as they looked at our worried faces. "They're getting the welcoming party ready," he explained, "he's sending a warning shot to let the village know you're on the way and to start the dancing!" Suitably reassured, I popped a tape in the camera and prepared to start my own shooting...

Today, I flushed my toilet with clean drinking water...

It wasn't fancy classrooms, interactive whiteboards or even new books that he was begging for - but clean water...

Filming in Mali

(Phil Knox) Half-way through the filming trip to Mali and so far, everything going pretty much to plan. Great to be back out in Africa again and today I've just come back from Yanfolila - a district about 4 hrs drive away from the capital, Bamako. I'm here filming with MRDF for an educational pack to be launched next year, looking at developmental issues, so it's a slight departure from the normal kind of filming that we would do, in that there is a reasonable amount of semi-scripted pieces that we are filming to fit within a certain context.

Planning an overseas filming trip

How we plan for an overseas filming trip


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