Behind the Scenes

Power cuts, translations and spicy lunches...

The lights flickered and died for the third time that morning, along with the computer screen fading to black as another power cut affected the small ADD office in Mongla. This was training Bangladesh-style and I was rapidly having to learn to adapt and work around a number of technical and operational issues, on top of adapting my (normally fairly fast-talking!) pace to work with the translator and find alternative words for some of the technical terms that I would sometimes use.

Filming in Bangladesh

The inky blackness was just starting to roll back along the river as we carefully navigated the rickety gangplank down to the water’s edge for the short boat ride...

Our 5 most popular blog posts of 2012

Happy New Year from all of us at Purple Flame!  It's the season of lists - the top, best & worst of everything in 2012 so we thought we'd take a look back at the top 5 Purple Flame Blog posts which were read most in 2012:

Happy Christmas from Purple Flame Media

So, another year has flown by and as we head towards the close of 2012, I first want to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. It's been a time of upheaval for many people, for change and uncertainty but also continuing to see incredible generosity and selflessness in action. Once again throughout this year, we've had the privilege of working alongside people who are passionate about seeing a change for the better and had the opportunity to see at first hand the impact this is having on communities around the world.

Shooting in the Studio

Today was an early morning as I headed to meet Phil and head towards the studio for a shoot. We arrived at Camberwell studios in London at about 8:00 to start setting up for the day's shoot. The plan today was to shoot a series of interviews, re-enacted by actors, for a large telecommunications company. Once we arrived at the studio, we starting setting up, but not before the usual: making a lot of coffee. Once we enjoyed our several cups of coffee, in series, we got to work.

Autumn Reflections

Several weeks into my internship at Purple Flame I felt it appropriate to reflect on my time here. It’s also autumn time now, and with that comes a kind of turning inward to assess how all our endeavors have been coming along. Productivity has carried on as usual at Purple Flame. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a wide variety of tasks and projects. Several weeks ago now we had a shoot at Vodafone. Getting out of the studio to actually go out and shoot was refreshing and inspiring.

Media Training

Yesterday, I got the chance to observe a Purple Flame training session. We met in center city early on in the day for what was to be a 6 hour training session. Essentially, MRDF is creating a short video bringing to light the difficulties the local farmers of Togo have faced in recent years. MRDF is sending several of its people out to Togo to capture the story.

World Wonderings

Our collection of photos from our travels around the world is free to download for ipads / iphones.

It's been a blast! Au Revoir!

I have been spending my first week of work experience with Purple Flame Media, and have had the incredible privilege of being able to attend 2 shoots. One in London and one in Leeds. They were both for the Telefonica Careers website that PF have been working on recently, and it has been amazing to see the project grow and develop during my stay. It has been great to learn how to use Final Cut Pro, which I could not use at all before I came, but can now just about edit a film, with music!

Diversity film for Telefónica

Early July saw us travelling to Dublin for a couple of days filming with Telefónica (O2). We're creating a production to promote their diversity policies on a new careers website. The process has been quite a long one in pre-production as we have been working alongside both the diversity manager in the UK and recruitment in Ireland, to first identify people who were happy to volunteer and talk about diversity issues and then craft a fairly precise script for them to deliver.


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