Behind the Scenes

How to knock spots off your competitors

"Having worked with a number of film production organisations over the years, I can honestly say that Purple Flame knocked spots off the others!" Hilary Castle, MOAT communications manager.

Keeping it local

Since Purple Flame began, we have been privileged to  travel around the world, filming in all manner of far-flung locations - but this year we had the opportunity to keep it almost on the doorstep, when our local council, Lewisham, approached us to pitch for a film to promote the building and innovation work that had taken part in the borough's schools

Creating diversity in STEM-based careers

This week, Phil and I went to Faversham to film a CSR video for Avanade, a company that works with businesses to enhance their technology services.  The purpose of the film is to encourage more women and minorities to pursue a career in technology.  According to the BBC, women only hold 17% of technology jobs and 8% of engineering jobs.  A report from Race for Opportunity found that students from a Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background only accounted for 19% of students studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) related subjects.

First Day on the Job

Super fast filming and production in Truro

2 days, 48hrs, 10 subjects and a 15 minute video - the heat was on recently for Purple Flame at Truro school to complete a fast turnaround of filming and production for their World AIMS 'Disaster days'...would we survive the challenge and have everything ready to play out or would we face our own mini disaster...?!

Training delivers results

“I’m heading to Togo next week and need to take some footage – help, I’ve never done this before!” - was this a case of Purple Flame to the rescue?!

Farewell, Purple Flame!

Sadly, my time with Purple Flame Media has already come to an end. This has been a terrific internship and I’m so grateful I got to be apart of the team for a few weeks! Working with Purple Flame was such an invaluable experience. It’s pretty rare to get hands-on experience of this quality, let alone in so many different areas. I spent time shooting with Phil, which introduced me to the camera and equipment, as well as the nature of filming and elements of a shot. I also really enjoyed my time in the editing room and becoming familiar with all the relevant software.

Step By Step

One of the projects that Purple Flame is currently working on is a video annual report for Moat Housing Association. The purpose of the film is to summarise Moat’s performance over the past year, so the project allows for creativity in the way the information is conveyed. It’s also a good example of a shoot that requires thorough planning and pre-production, because we needed to know what we’d be filming and then how to incorporate the information through graphics. There are several small, but crucial steps to take when preparing to shoot a film of this nature.

Let's Get Visual

I keep mentioning how much variety this internship has consisted of, but it’s true! I’ve gotten to help brainstorm a pitch, sit in on a meeting with clients, conceive shots in storyboarding, go on a shoot and edit all in the few weeks I’ve been here. I would have been perfectly happy to work on menial tasks and just get a feel for the environment like most interns, but instead I’ve been able to get so involved and it’s been amazing. Phil’s been teaching me a lot of really valuable things, ranging from operating the camera to the ins and outs of editing software like AfterEffects.

Coloured Pencils and African Tribal Tunes

My second week with Purple Flame has been full of a variety of new and interesting experiences. I’ve already learnt so much in a few days (except perhaps how to successfully use public transport to get to work on time). I love how versatile my activities have been but I’ve especially enjoyed getting more involved in the production aspects. Last week, I was able to go on a shoot and help film a video so this week it was fun to work on the projects that bookend filming itself.


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