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Working with us – what to expect

Working with us – what to expect from Purple Flame Media

Supermarkets, dried fruits and making beds - creating Mothers' Union "One Vision" film

Three ladies shopping in a local supermarket - not necessarily one of the images that would come to mind with production of  a charity video but for us, it was all part of the process of showing the wide variety of impact that The Mothers's Union is having both here in the UK and around the world.

All about the content - iPhone training at St. Joseph's Hospice

A friendly greeting and a light and airy lobby welcomed me into St Joseph’s Hospice in East London  - I was there to run what is rapidly becoming our most popular course of iPhone filming and editing.

Long journeys and warm welcomes

I've just landed back from another trip out to Uganda - this time with the Mother's Union - as well as filming in 4 locations in the UK. It was a long trip - nearly 14 hrs of total flight time to get there and then a 7 hr drive down to the south, near the Rwandan border; but made up for with the warmth of the welcome and the hospitality shown.

Disasters, 48hr film production and survival challenges

I’ve just come back from Truro, for what has become a bit of an annual visit! We were once again tasked with producing a film, filmed over 2 days and ready to view on the morning of the 3rd day, looking at the World AIMS programme at Truro school. This is a regular end of term event, where, instead of regular lessons, the school gives the time over to looking at particular social justice, world or poverty issues. Previous years have looked at Disaster management, Human Rights issues and Reuse and recycling.

Charities learn to produce videos on an iPhone

"A lot of great information - really looking forward to putting it into practise!" 

It’s a Food Revolution!

“I’m 35 and I’ve never cooked before”, “I can’t even cook an omelette” – just two of the quotes we heard from people as we filmed at Jamie’s Ministry of Food Centres earlier in April.

The Ministry of Food inspires people to get back into the kitchen, to cook from scratch and enables people to know what’s going into their food, rather than relying on processed food and takeaways. We were there to capture some of the stories and showcase the energy and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers.

Facing the difficult questions

“Tell me about being diagnosed with cancer” – not exactly the lightest or easiest of questions to ask, but one that absolutely needed to be voiced, as part of our new suite of videos for Pancreatic Cancer UK. We were exploring patient stories as part of their project to demystify the process and feelings behind being involved in a clinical trial.

Water and toilets mean education

A glass of water and a toilet – doesn’t seem to be the most dynamic way to achieve equality in education – but in rural Uganda, improvements in sanitation and water supply have made huge differences in the number of girls staying through to complete their education.

Capturing the American Study Abroad Experience in London

"A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else." I fear, as I prepare to return home to the U.S., that this is true. London is a place I have grown to love dearly during my study abroad experience and it is going to be hard to say good bye. Sure, it rained a lot more than it does back home and the tube strikes and delays were frustrating but those experiences dwarf in comparison to going out for a night in London, climbing to the top of the Shard or seeing Jamie XX perform in his native country.


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