Production Guide

Charity Video Production Guide

Producing a fundraising or educational charity video involves a detailed production process of planning, filming and editing.  Clear communication and thorough planning are vital in ensuring that filming is effective and the final film fulfils the production aims and objectives, thus delivering an engaging video with strong key messages and a compelling ask.

Charity Video Production Guide

Over the past 14 years that we’ve been working with charity clients in producing fundraising, educational and legacy videos, we’ve found it useful to outline the process that we go through to producing a film. Clear communication and good early planning are vital in ensuring that the best possible footage is obtained and that the final film fulfils the charity’s brief – delivering a strong and engaging message and a clear ask.

Production planning guide

At Purple Flame Media we specialise in producing humanitarian videos which tell compelling stories that provoke action and inspire positive change. We have a close working relationship with several large international charities and we create films for smaller charities too. We also work alongside companies to help them visually promote their csr policy and communicate how they manage their business processes to produce a more positive impact on society.

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