Charities learn to produce videos on an iPhone

"A lot of great information - really looking forward to putting it into practise!" 

Mobile Video Drives Regular Giving for Muscular Dystrophy UK

A strong emotional connection underpins most of our fundraising videos; emotional storytelling is an effective way to engage viewers, help them connect with the charity’s work and drive support. Our latest charity video was produced for Muscular Dystrophy, the UK charity working to beat muscle wasting conditions and an emotional ask is at the heart of the video.

Internet Activism #Refugeeswelcome

Over four years of war in Syria have led to the worst humanitarian crisis in a generation.  More than 220,000 people (including over 10,000 children) have been killed, half of the country's population has been displaced and over four million people have fled the country.  During this time we’ve all been watching the shocking images and hearing the heartbreaking personal stories of those affected through the press and via charities helping in the humanitarian crisis.

Inspiring Women

Having travelled fairly extensively through the developing world, filming for Purple Flame over the last 15 years, one of the constants I keep coming across is the importance of women in development. Often having to overcome cultural prejudice, many times seen as lower in society and having to battle for their rights, for education and recognition; the determination that so many women show in working for a better life for their family and community is inspirational.

Powerful photography at World Press Photo exhibition

Recently, I headed up to the Festival Hall on London's Southbank, to have a wander round the current World Press photo exhibition. Across the foyer, there are over 140 stunning photographs, covering all manner of stories - from harrowing reports from war-torn countries and natural disasters to incredible 'capture-the-moment' sports photography.

Dangerous cliffs and sunburn - filming All We Can's latest charity film

Going behind the scenes on the filming trips for MRDF's latest charity video:

Viral Charity Videos and What Makes Them Successful

There are thousands of charity videos out there, hoping to get viewers to support or donate to their cause. But what makes a charity video go viral? Here are some of my favorites and why I think they succeed.

Charity video engages with supporters to 'Help Us Grow'

Mothers' Union is an international Christian membership charity that works around the world to promote stable marriage, family life and the protection of children.  In the UK and Ireland there are four million members, Mothers' Union provides them with a community network for prayer, financial support and the ability to actively work in programmes that meet local needs.

Building parish ministry with Mothers’ Union

An effective working partnership with the clergy is essential to the work of international Christian membership charity Mothers’ Union and we've produced a charity video to show how Mothers’ Union is enhancing community ministry.  Targeted at UK clergy, Bishops, church leaders and lay leaders in the Anglican church, the film shows the involvement of Mothers' Union and their work at a local level.   The film helps to strengthen the relationship between the charity and the clergy by showing how Mothers' Union increase capacity in supporting parents and families in local communities.  The film

Creating engaging infographics for charities

In charity marketing campaigns, compelling and eye-catching visuals are really important.  Infographics are a great way to consolidate data and share information with supporters and when done well they are more visually stimulating, simple to digest, and shareable than just text content.   As they’re so visually compelling, they’ve become very popular in recent years – the number of searches for “infographic” has already surpassed searches for “email marketing”!


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