Habitat for Humanity: 'Empty Homes'

Project Type: 
Film Type: 
Community Engagement

Proposition: Showcase Habit for Humanity’s unique partnership model and their work in reclaiming empty homes.  The London-based programme of Habitat for Humanity builds and refurbishes empty homes using volunteers from the local community and corporate partners and offering opportunities for construction trainees to be trained on a live building site.

Process: We filmed in derelict homes with corporate partners, at Freshfields law offices, on construction sites and in council offices.  The film captures the transformational process that goes into reclaiming empty London homes which have been described as a “blight on the community”.

Outcome: The film served to increase Habitat for Humanity’s presence in the Empty Homes arena, the film has been shown on their website and DVDs have been handed out at events. David Clare, Business Development Manager at Habitat for Humanity said “It was a very enjoyable experience, they steered us through the process very effectively, providing a clear framework and a very flexible approach. The video has raised our profile and increased both our supporter base and project opportunities".

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