Great Ormond Street Hospital: ‘Why We Need Your Help’

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Proposition: Produce an emotionally engaging short video targeting potential supporters and fundraisers and convey why Great Ormond Street Hospital needs help to fund redevelopment, research, equipment & welfare.  The film demonstrates how the hospital is making a difference and why donations are so important. 

Process:  Working closely with Great Ormond Street we identified patient stories and conducted telephone interviews with prospective interviewees before filming patients, families and staff in the hospital.  The film is highly personalised and connects the viewer directly with the need – he or she is being asked directly by a parent, child or clinician to get involved. 

Outcome: The film has been placed on one of the most visited pages of the charity’s website and within eight weeks had 1,700 views. Tom Broder from Great Ormond Street Hospital said: “Purple Flame have created an emotionally engaging video which targets potential supporters and fundraisers – promoting our fundraising need in a visually impactful way”. 

GOSH Charity fundraising film - read more on our blog


Fundraising communications rely on compelling storytelling allied with clear delivery of often complex concepts. We work collaboratively to tell our clients story and have produced many fundraising films which drive supporter engagement and fundraising income.

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