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by Kate Topping on 22 October 2015

At Purple Flame Media we specialise in telling compelling stories that provoke action and inspire positive change. Over the last 15 years we’ve worked with a number of international development charities.  During this time we’ve gained valuable experience of filming overseas and effectively bringing stories to life and a thorough understanding of what needs to be considered when filming for

by Phil Knox on 30 September 2015

Somehow, we seem to have got lucky every time we’ve run a training course – once again, blue skies and the prospect of a pleasant day heralded the start of a day’s training. Why is this important? Mainly because the courses we run are very hands-on - we like to get our trainees out and about to practise filming in a range of differing circumstances and not just be stuck in a featureless

by Phil Knox on 22 September 2015

Splash! A big gust came in, the boat went over and Aaron was pitched head-first into the cold Suffolk coast water, hanging on to his glasses as he vanished under water. All caught on camera too, thanks to the various Go-Pros on the boat plus filming from the safety boat. Thankfully, within a moment, he was bobbing back to the surface and back on the boat.

We were filming with the BIGKID

by Kate Topping on 3 September 2015

Over four years of war in Syria have led to the worst humanitarian crisis in a generation.  More than 220,000 people (including over 10,000 children) have been killed, half of the country's population has been displaced and over four million people have fled the country.  During this time we’ve all been watching the shocking images and hearing the heartbreaking personal stories of those

by Phil Knox on 29 July 2015

Coffee pot at the ready, comfortable shoes on and the camera fully charged and memory cleared – it was time yet again to start the mini-filming and editing marathon at Truro School. This was the third year running that we’ve been involved in their end-of-term World AIMS programme -  two days focusing on world issues such as disaster relief, sustainability and charity. This year, the focus was

by Kate Topping on 28 July 2015

Our video training workshops usually train charity staff to shoot and edit videos on flip cam cameras but recently we’ve run a couple of courses using iPhones. For shorter video clips, many of us are increasingly using our mobile phones and as editing apps become easier to use, we decided to produce a series of 'how to' guides to help clients shoot and edit their own short videos on their


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