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by Kate Topping on 27 January 2016

Our latest video was produced for the DASH charity (Domestic Abuse Stops Here) to raise awareness about the emotional impact and scale of domestic abuse and to open people’s eyes to the hidden nature of abuse.

The statistics are shocking - 1 in 4 women in England and Wales will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes, 25% of children in the UK have been exposed to domestic abuse

by Phil Knox on 17 December 2015

It feels like a repeated cliché to say that the year has flown by – but once again I’m sat thinking about all that we’ve done and barely believing that it’s almost 2016.  We’ve had a year of fantastic variety, from filming projects for the elderly and challenges for inner city teenagers in the UK, through to Tanzanian chickens, Ugandan latrines and Indian coal mining.

What again

by Kate Topping on 15 December 2015

Filming impact stories effectively communicates the difference a charity makes; hearing beneficiary stories establishes an emotional connection and shows a real tangible difference. Our latest charity video, produced for Serve who support older people in Northampton, is led by their beneficiaries.  Interviews with beneficiaries who use a variety of Serve’s services, give an insight into their

by Phil Knox on 27 November 2015

I’ve just returned from two back-to-back filming trips to Uganda and India and it got me thinking about some the different approaches and challenges that come with capturing stories in a different country and culture – and particularly in places where they’re not used to seeing cameras and being interviewed. With this in mind, I’ve put together a short list of some of the challenges of filming

by Kate Topping on 26 November 2015

Community involvement is central to Phoenix Community Housing. They’re different from the vast majority of social landlords as they’re resident owned and led and when we were asked to produce a film to introduce Phoenix, we wanted to ensure that their unique role in the community was central to the video.  The film showcases Phoenix’s people-centred approach and how they positively engage with

by Kate Topping on 26 November 2015

Video is a powerful, engaging and effective tool for charities to visually tell their stories, promote fundraising events and encourage supporters to get involved. Great visual stories stir emotions and persuade audiences to take action, be it sharing, fundraising or volunteering.

Through video, charities can communicate in more personal, emotional and interactive ways than direct


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