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by Phil Knox on 28 November 2007

Keep an eye on this section as we raise various issues that we deal with here at Purple Flame.

One thing we're developing is our environmental policy - the nature of our work means that we travel a lot to far-flung places around the world. We want to look at the effectiveness or otherwise of carbon offset schemes and look at ways that we can minimise our impact whilst still being able

by Phil Knox on 28 November 2007

We've just gained 2 large contracts from World Vision and The Mothers' Union. The next couple of months, we'll be filming in Guyana, Uganda, Kenya and Melanesia

by Phil Knox on 26 November 2007

We've just invested in a few new bits of new kit for Purple Flame. I always get excited about researching and looking through the various specifications  - brings out the inner nerd in me - although I'm sure Jay would say that it's not  particularly "inner"  - more like the default state.

Having upgraded one of our cameras to the newer HDV (high definition video) standard last year, we'

by Jay Knox on 20 November 2007

Several months on from the initial ideas to update our website and we are getting close to a final version. We've had the  current site for around 4 years now, and with the increasing flexibilty of streamed Flash video, we were keen to update the look and feel of the site to incorporate a higher level of moving image and snazzy graphics (snazzy being a highly defined technical term...)

by Jay Knox on 14 November 2007

We've now set up a blog here at Purple Flame to allow us to keep you up-to-date with the inner workings and thoughts of the team. We're hoping that the blogs will give you an insight into what we're up to as we travel around the world filming all kinds of stories.

It will be a mixture of discussion of issues that we're involved in, updates on the production process and a few light-


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