Why Blue Skies Help Charity Video Training

Somehow, we seem to have got lucky every time we’ve run a training course – once again, blue skies and the prospect of a pleasant day heralded the start of a day’s training. Why is this important? Mainly because the courses we run are very hands-on - we like to get our trainees out and about to practise filming in a range of differing circumstances and not just be stuck in a featureless training room!

This time, we were training a group from Target Ovarian Cancer on how to effectively use their DSLR camera to film. The morning started with some theory on how the cameras work and practical sessions on balancing exposure, focus and depth of field before rapidly getting them onto filming interviews, creating sequences and a practical filmmaking session out in the Islington area.

One of the analogies I use for learning to use a camera is that of driving a car – the first few times involve thinking carefully through how to change gear, to find the clutch point and all the various controls. As you gain experience, you start to do these automatically and can concentrate more on the driving and deciding where you want to go. Filming is very much like that – in the early stages, it requires stopping and thinking about how to get the camera to work correctly and produce technically accurate pictures – but with time and practise, this becomes automatic and the process of storytelling, filming creative sequences and delivering strong interviews can be concentrated on without worrying about the technical.

Target Ovarian Cancer will be using their new skills to capture excerpts from their events, record patient and expert interviews and film some of their fundraising challenges.  They will share these videos with both their supporters and ovarian cancer patients and their families. Louise Horner, Digital Communications Manager at Target Ovarian Cancer said:

"We were very happy with the video training day that took place at our charity offices. It not only gave us basic technical knowledge for using digital SLRs for video, but it also gave us a great grounding in shots, planning and interview techniques. Very useful for giving staff members the confidence to start creating their own videos. Thank you Phil.”


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