Using Video in CSR Reports

Many large corporations are publishing their 2013 CSR reports this month; it’s a great opportunity to communicate CSR objectives and progress and particularly identify key achievements over the year.  Traditionally companies have presented information about their CSR initiatives in documents such as annual reports and press releases or on a section of its official corporate website.  Now companies are looking for new ways to communicate their progress to ensure that CSR stays fresh and interesting to employees and customers. It’s interesting to see some companies using video content to communicate their CSR initiatives in a more visual and impactful way.

Larger corporations realise that regular communications promoting CSR initiatives open up new business opportunities, can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve their chances of attracting and retaining the most talented employees.  CISCO has a number of videos on their main CSR report page promoting various initiatives from around the world and the following video shows Jørgen Tang-Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, talking about the main results in the VELUX Group Corporate Responsibility Report 2013:

At Purple Flame Media we’ve produced a number of CSR videos, we love helping companies promote their CSR initiatives and hopefully the videos are also inspiring other companies to have a more positive impact on society.  Similarly to how we tell stories for charities, we aim to focus on the positive results socially responsible initiatives have had and include inspiring personal stories which demonstrate how companies are making a difference.   One of our latest CSR films was produced for technology company Avanade to help the company showcase both internally and to potential new recruits the outreach work they are doing in the community.  The film aims to inspire more young people to consider a career in the technology sector and encourage retention by showing how the company is engaged with communities and young people. The film looks at Avanade’s engagement and partnerships with young people and expands to show Avanade’s support in offering young people opportunities for work experience along with advice to help prepare them for the working environment:

As larger companies more effectively maximise the benefits of managing socially responsible business processes, small to medium size companies are increasingly following suit.  As smaller companies become more involved in CSR initiatives and see the business benefits of engaging in CSR activities they need to include CSR in their overall communication strategy. One very effective way of communicating CSR initiatives is to show the positive partnerships between businesses and charities.  In 2012 we produced a film for the international housing charity Habitat for Humanity to show how the charity is working in partnership with UK local councils and corporate volunteers to reclaim empty London houses and transform them into homes. It’s great to see other companies promoting similar initiatives and partnerships.  For example, this video promotes the 2014 Dragons Apprentice Challenge, a community initiative in St Albans which links local students with local businesses and local charities.  This video is a great tool to communicate the success of the project and inspire other organisations to run the challenge in other areas:

Having engaging video content on a company website, social media channels and intranet can help to trigger interest around the socially responsible work they’re doing and ensure the company maximises on the business benefits of their CSR programme. It’s great to see more companies use video to communicate CSR initiatives in an engaging way and we look forward to helping more companies effectively promote their CSR initiatives in the future.


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