Training with Urban Expression

Last week we held a training session with a few members of the Urban Expression team over at King’s Cross station.  They came to us wanting to learn more about cameras and filming so they could go out and create their own video for their trust. The group was taught everything from how to work a camera to how to set up and film a good interview.  On the first day of training, they were taught the technical side of the camera. We focused on camera basics like how to use a camera properly and what the camera controls mean. As a little exercise we sent them out to show off their newly learned camera skills - each member of the team was involved with the camera and looked seemed comfortable using it.  

The next day focused more on how to give a good interview, how to set up good shots, and how to film and edit on a mobile phone. I was excited to learn about editing on a mobile phone because I never even knew that was possible. The group was let out to shoot around the King’s Cross area and they had to make a video that told a story about the area that we were in as well as include several different shots, intro and outro, a four shot sequence and a couple of other things they had learned throughout the training session.  I could tell each member of the team was engaged and excited to be learning. They asked so many good questions that I would have never have thought to ask.  

It was lovely to see how much they had grown after the second day.  They went from knowing almost nothing about cameras to being confident enough in their skills to go out and shoot on their own.  The Urban Expression team plan to practise their newly learned skills and eventually use their skills to create a film for their organisation. It was fun to help out and watch these sessions because the group was so lively and I ended up remembering/learning things about a video camera and filming that I had otherwise forgotten over the past year or so. I think the most interesting thing that I had learned all day was how to edit on a mobile phone. I knew you could film on them but had no clue you could edit. It’s so amazing to me that phones have become capable to do things that only computers could do. I will definitely have to start making short films on my phone now! 


Melissa Parker, Purple Flame Media Intern

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