"Thousands of views and an increase in fundraising..."

“We’ve had thousands of watches, plenty of shares and an increase in funding coming in through our website”

This is the kind of feedback we like! It’s not just about creating charity videos that the client likes, but about films that impact the audience and make a positive difference for the charity in the way that we want.

In this case, the feedback was on a series of videos that Emmaus,  a charity supporting homeless people, had produced, following Purple Flame’s iPhone charity video course. We went up to Birmingham in mid-October, to train 6 of their team to film, edit and deliver on their phones and iPads – we had a very successful day (see our training courses in action here)

Emmaus' website profiles stories of their companionsAs part of the course, we encourage people to come with a project in mind to film and complete after the course – there’s nothing like having your own film to complete to focus the mind and help recall all the various intricacies of the training. We’re available online to provide support for those inevitable tricky questions – “remind me how to lock exposure again”, “how do I add a picture to the edit?” and so on.  We were delighted to hear that Emmaus were planning a series of 25 videos over the Christmas Advent period to profile the issue of homelessness – asking their companions (the term they use for previously homeless people working and living in an Emmaus community) to reflect on their ‘Last Christmas’ and what they hope and expect from this one.  Emmaus are releasing a new film every day between the 1st and the 24th of December, promoting them on their social media channels and hosting them on their website.  

We decided to video-call Clare, Head of Communication and Fundraising at Emmaus to talk about why they chose this particular campaign, how they went about it, the impact they had seen and how our training had help them deliver it:

Last Christmas - Skype interview with Emmaus


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