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At the heart of our work is telling stories that matter and these films require a strong narrative. A compelling story creates an emotional response thus helping viewers engage with a charity’s work.  We’ve filmed all over the world, meeting people facing tremendous challenges and hardships and being able to hear their voice and their experiences in an authentic and sensitive way is an effective way to engage supporters.  Inspiring stories will emotionally grab and connect on a more personal level. 

When producing a compelling charity video, we think that the most powerful resource are real people. Most of the videos we produce for charities are based on interviews and case studies. An engaging interview with someone who is directly facing harsh challenges helps to draw attention to the issues that charities are working to overcome and will demonstrate how lives are transformed by a charity’s work.  Communicating positive stories show how a charity is making a difference in a very powerful way.

Over the years we’ve told many personal stories; our video for CAFOD told the story of Tuli from Bangladesh thus enabling UK school children to relate to and connect with the lives of other children across the world and our videos for All We Can have given a voice to refugees from Burundi and excluded tribes of people in Nepal thus showing the difference donations are making to communities across the developing world. 

In one of our more recent charity videos for All We Can, we told the story of Prossy, a young Ugandan girl. Her story illustrated how the charity’s work has made huge differences in the number of girls staying through to complete their education. The film shows how children walked for an hour each way down hazardous paths to collect water from a dirty and unhygienic pond and that the school toilets were in a dilapidated state and offered little privacy to adolescent girls. The number of girls staying beyond the age of 12 was minimal.  After the installation of water collection tanks and new latrines, there are now equal numbers of boys and girls, all achieving exam success.  Prossy’s strong story, allied with the visual depiction of the conditions they used to face, graphically illustrates the difference that the charity’s work makes.  You can hear her story in the charity's Harvest Campaign video:

Telling stories from disadvantaged communities is at the heart of what we do here at Purple Flame - to be a voice for the voiceless. We’ve just returned from another trip to Uganda, this time with The Mothers' Union and we look forward to sharing more stories that matter in our upcoming video productions.

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