Telefónica (02) Diversity In Recruitment

Our latest csr film has been produced for Telefónica (02) to highlight the success of their diversity policy in the workplace.  We filmed in several Telefónica offices and stores in the UK and Ireland and spoke to their staff about their experiences around diversity.  The video has been hosted on their new careers website and highlights how staff at Telefónica are proud to work for the company because of their inclusive policies that celebrate diversity and respect differences. Telefónica’s Business Principles, which govern the behaviour of all employees, explicitly state that: “We shall strive to promote equality of opportunities and treat everybody fairly and impartially, without prejudice as to a person’s race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, civil status, age, disability or family responsibilities”.  At Telefónica they view their diverse workforce as a genuine value driver and one of the cornerstones of their success.

As more and more companies are now realising, building an inclusive and diverse workforce is not just about creating a gender, age or disability balance; it’s also about having the best talent. Companies which embrace the different skills, backgrounds and personalities of a diverse workforce are able to tap into a diversity of perspectives and differentiate itself in the market by really understanding its customers. A culture which is both diverse and inclusive enables organisations to leverage the power of diversity thus enabling them to better serve a diverse range of customers and drive innovation. A more diverse workforce with different skills and backgrounds encourages more ideas and varied opinions.

Companies are increasingly realising that employees who feel respected for their talents and differences, and recognised for their strengths, will be more engaged as well as increasing their morale and productivity levels. Research suggests that companies who employ disabled staff tend to have higher morale and that employees working in an inclusive and diverse environment are more likely to stay with their current employer.

However, while the achievements of many companies such as Telefónica are to be celebrated, there’s still a long way to go until the corporate sector can boast excelling in diversity in recruitment. Research recently carried out by Cisco looked at levels of understanding of diversity in the workforce found that surprisingly as many as 69% of people said they were not aware of any strategy by their employer to promote diversity in the workplace. The survey of 1,000 people also found that 44% agreed that their place of work was not currently representative of a diverse workforce of any type.

I've worked for several large companies and I’m proud to say that as a working mother at Purple Flame Media, the support for flexible working hours has been excellent.  Increasingly companies are realising that by offering their staff a positive work-life balance they can consistently recruit and retain experienced staff through all their life stages. At Purple Flame Media we have an extensive background in creating films about humanitarian work which gives us a unique perspective into corporate CSR activities. 

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed producing this video for Telefónica and we've just received the following positive testimonial from them: “I’m delighted with the work Purple Flame have done for us at Telefonica.  After providing a clear brief, Phil pulled together a compelling short story of people’s experiences working in Telefonica. The great thing was, they took control from conception to completion producing exactly what the brief outlined” Vikki Leach - European Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Telefónica Europe Plc        


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