Real Homes, Real People

Today is Housing Day when the positive impact of social housing is celebrated across the UK. Our latest films, produced for resident-led housing association Phoenix Community Housing, tell the stories of their residents to support their annual report.  The films positively demonstrate how important social housing has been, and still is in the UK today. 

To mark the fact that this year is 90 years since many of Phoenix’s homes on the Downham and Bellingham estates were built, members of Phoenix’s residents' communications group produced the annual report, 'Real Homes, Real People'. The engaging digital report charts the history of Phoenix’s homes and the people that live in them.  The supporting videos tell the stories of ten people who moved into their homes at different points over the last 90 years and were produced in conjunction with residents, who advised on the content and helped with the interviewee preparation on location.

The films tell each residents' own personal story whilst also telling the story of the home through the decades.  Each film represents a different decade and shows what each person’s home means to them. Eileen reminisces about life in the home in the 1920’s, Betty tells how she moved into her home in the 1970s and Carmen shows us how she’s making the most of her home balcony today.  In this film Harry Bailey tells how he moved into the area in the 1940s and what home means to him:

We also provided still photographs for the report and produced a short ‘behind the scenes’ film to show how the report was produced:

The Residents' Annual Report for 2015-16 is now available online and you can view all of the films that appear in the digital annual report on Phoenix’s YouTube channel.


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