Phoenix Annual Report wins TPAS award

We've just heard that one of our clients, Phoenix Community Housing has won a Tpas award (Tpas are a national tenant engagement charity) for their Annual Report 2015-16. We worked with Phoenix last year to produce a whole raft of photography and video content to go in both their printed and digital annual report; what makes Phoenix really unique is the way in which they involve tenants in the whole process. 

They don't just make a nod to inclusivity but a whole-hearted commitment to seeing tenants at the heart of what they do. It's great working alongside them and for us, a real help as these are the people on the ground, who know the situations, people and issues that we come in to film and photograph. We met with not only the comms team at the inception of the project but also with nominated residents, who were able to guide and influence the overall nature and feel of the project. For us, as a very relational orientated organisation, this is so important. We're not just about bringing technical expertise into a production (although that's highly important) but being able to effectively communicate stories and narratives and bring out the best in the people we speak to and interview. Gail, one of the team on the group working on the annual report, accompanied us on the filming / photography and was so useful in helping our interviewees feel relaxed, part of the process and in knowing their backgrounds and hence being able to prompt various relevant questions as we went along. She also does a good job in reflector board holding!

Annual reports can potentially be very dry, but in working alongside Phoenix, we've been able to put together a whole suite of videos and compelling photography that brings their annual report alive. Kudos to We Are Resource as well for the way in which they took our content and brilliantly put this together in the interactive digital report - great to see the films and photography so well embedded and easy to access.

See the digital annual report

Here's a short film that the comms team and residents produced alongside us to look at the process behind the creation of the report:

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