Not just making tea

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of interns being treated as general run-arounds, doing the photocopying, making the tea and effectively working every hour for little or no money. There’s been many recent articles, exposing companies that exploit interns on a regular basis and it’s an on-going problem that young people coming into industry face – how to get a job that requires experience, where getting experience on an internship can prove difficult.

This has not been our experience with working with FIE (Foundation for International Education)! We’ve been taking interns from FIE for over 7 years now, and have always been impressed with the quality of the educational experience they get alongside interning with us. Interns that come to work at Purple Flame have always been involved in all aspects of the production process and actively encouraged to take part in creative decisions. We sometimes even make tea for them!

So we were more than willing to get involved when FIE approached us to consider making a film to promote their intern experiences in the UK. Working alongside our intern, Stetson, we looked at their time in London, from the work placements, through the educational curriculum to the wide-ranging cultural visits that are part of the whole programme. We got to film inside Union Chapel, take cameras inside Tate Britain and generally film all around London.

It’s going to be used widely to introduce new students to FIE and the opportunities they offer.

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