It’s a Food Revolution!

“I’m 35 and I’ve never cooked before”, “I can’t even cook an omelette” – just two of the quotes we heard from people as we filmed at Jamie’s Ministry of Food Centres earlier in April.

The Ministry of Food inspires people to get back into the kitchen, to cook from scratch and enables people to know what’s going into their food, rather than relying on processed food and takeaways. We were there to capture some of the stories and showcase the energy and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers.

The series of films we produced are being used through Food Revolution Day and on the Ministry of Food social media channels. From walk-throughs in the local market to seeing the cookery classes taking place with people from all walks of life, the short videos are ideal to share the buzz that surrounds the food revolution that MOF are bringing about.

“Despite only a short time on site, Purple Flame Media captured the heart of what Ministry of Food is all about. On-brand and on-message, the series of videos they have produced strongly showcase people’s stories of food revolution in an engaging and dynamic way.”

Rosie McArthy, Jamie’s Ministry of Food programme manager.


The film below, looks at the Ministry of Food as part of the overall community hub, integrating with local markets.


You can see the rest of the films on youtube

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