How To Film On Your Mobile

Our video training workshops usually train charity staff to shoot and edit videos on flip cam cameras but recently we’ve run a couple of courses using iPhones. For shorter video clips, many of us are increasingly using our mobile phones and as editing apps become easier to use, we decided to produce a series of 'how to' guides to help clients shoot and edit their own short videos on their mobiles.

Video is a powerful, engaging and effective tool for charities to visually tell their stories, promote fundraising events and encourage supporters to get involved. Great visual stories stir emotions and persuade audiences to take action, be it sharing, fundraising or volunteering.  Through video, charities can communicate in more personal, emotional and interactive ways than direct marketing allows.  It is a powerful medium for fundraising as it’s the best way to communicate authentic storytelling; fundraising videos will quickly and authentically show the difference your work makes and inspire viewers to donate and get involved.

Increasingly charities are using video to communicate to their members but many charities don’t have the budget for large video productions for all campaigns and communications.  For shorter video clips, many charity staff are increasingly using their mobile phones to visually tell impactful stories, film interviews and events.  We all carry a mobile in our pocket, making it easy to capture visual stories which engage supporters with inspiring stories as they happen.

This series of 'how to' guides enables charities to shoot and edit their own short videos on their mobiles.  The six video guides look at everything from setting up and filming an interview to shooting sequences and basic editing.  Here’s an interactive screen showing all six films:


We’ve been producing charity & CSR videos and training charity staff to produce their own short videos in-house for over fifteen years now. Our hands-on, practical video training workshops have trained many charity staff giving them the practical skills to produce engaging videos which tell their story visually.  We also create bespoke courses for clients who require more advanced camera training or want to learn specific editing or production skills.

Once you've started using your mobile to create short films, why not book one of our Video Training workshops.  We offer charity discounts on all of our training and production services. Please feel free to email to find out more.

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