Healthcare charity videos connect with target audiences

One of the key questions we ask when planning a charity video is - who is this video targeted to; who is your audience?

Clearly defining the target audience ensures that the creative and messaging connects with the audience on a personal level and that the video gains maximum impact.  Understanding the audience allows us to understand what motivates a community to act; this insight helps us to create the right video style and messaging to engage, inspire and motivate.

After defining the primary and secondary audiences for each film, we also ask clients what they want viewers to do when they’ve watched the film.  For example, would a charity like people to donate to a campaign, sign a petition, sign up for an event or simply visit their website for more information?

We’ve recently worked with a number of healthcare charities. In this blog I give three examples of how some of our healthcare charity videos have been targeted to specific audiences and how each film directs viewers at the end:

Pancreatic Cancer UK

We produced a series of videos aimed at people affected by pancreatic cancer who might be thinking about taking part in a clinical trial. By talking to people who were currently taking part in a trial, the case study videos connect with their target audience and empower people with the information to ask the right questions at the right stages in their care pathway.  The videos also support the charity's wider goal of encouraging more people to think about participating in clinical trials. 

This video tells Norman’s story:

The end of the videos direct viewers to Pancreatic Cancer UK’s specialist helpline and further clinical trial content on the charity’s website.

Muscular Dystrophy

A strong emotional connection underpins this charity video we edited for the Muscular Dystrophy charity.  The video is sent to new supporters via SMS to encourage regular giving through their mobile. Readers who had previously responded to the charity’s text campaign in newspapers and on the tube, are shown the emotionally engaging and response-driving video to encourage them to support the charity on a longer term basis.

To capture viewers and compel them to support, the tone of the film is highly emotive.  Emotional quotes from a leading researcher and the parents of John and Abbi, young children who have the disease, highlight the urgent need to fund further research and give hope. The end screen prompts viewers to text a shortcode to set up regular giving of £3 a month.

Target Ovarian Cancer

This video was targeted to women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and their families to specifically encourage more women to sign up and attend Target Ovarian Cancer’s Being Together Day events. The film captures the positive benefits of being together with a network of support from other women and healthcare professionals. Differing perspectives on the impact of the day from women and healthcare professionals show how affirmative and uplifting the day was. 

The film was also targeted to a secondary audience of healthcare professionals, carers and family to increase awareness and encourage them to promote the events.

The end screen of the video prompts viewers to visit the charity’s website for further details of upcoming Being Together Day events.

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