Headway hits the heights

Over a quarter of a million views, plenty of online engagement and an award to boot - that has been Headway's experience with a set of films we produced for them over the past year.

We recently completed on the final film in a series for Headway - a charity that supports people (and their families and carers) who have experienced a brain injury. With some scripted filming, a series of case studies, a toungue-in-cheek look at what not to say to people with a brain injury and an overall charity profile film, there were 11 films in total produced over the last year or so. We were keen to ensure great return on investment for Headway, so planned to combine various shoots together to reduce travel and time and made use of as many opportunities to develop stories as possible. We added an extra element to one of the schedules - visiting a Headway local group where we got the members to respond to various comments that are made about people with brain injury - the resultant film has had over 125k views (with 160 comments and a further 2,000 shares) on Facebook alone - this for a film that we turned around in a very short space of time. The film also picked up a bronze award in the national Charity Film Awards.

(We have a second set of films up for a Charity Film Award for this year - do take a look and give us a vote if you like them!)

Scenario films

Working with local Headway groups across the country and almost exclusively filming with brain injury survivors and their family / friends (rather than using actors), this set of films challenged people to think again about how they think about brain injury. They tackles issues such as social isolation, problems with focusing on the task in hand, supporting carers and (in the film below) highlighting a new brain injury ID card.

Case studies

A long trip around Scotland and Northern England, a visit to Wales and a day in Northern Ireland completed a set of 5 case-studies - all differing stories about how they had sustained a brain injury but all who had beeen supported by Headway in various ways. These were challenging to film - not from a technical point of view - but because of the impact of the subject matter; it really made me take a step back and not only be thankful that I've not had to face a similar experience but also see brain injury in a different light. The film below, profiling Jeff Mayle, was very inspirational - as you can see from Jeff's speech, he is still very affected by the injury even over 20 yrs later, but a sense of determination to keep pushing and moving on was hugely impressive.

Headway profile film

The final piece of the jigsaw was an overall profile film for Headway. We were keen that we didn't just list a set of services that Headway provide, but use the direct experience of people to bring a strong narrative to the fore. Predominantly told from the perspective of the partner or daughter of the brain injured person, we delved into the back-stories of what happened on the day of the injury before looking at the impact that the charity had on their lives. Again, there were some powerful stories to tell - which took a lot of editing to condense into a suitable time frame. In total, we had around an hour and a half of material across the two interviews from which to choose around 3 mins of footage to tell the story - we think we've told the story well, but have a look at the film below and see for yourself!

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