Harnessing the power of video to promote CSR initiaitives

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming an integral part of a successful company’s business strategy.  Regardless of whether you call it CSR, corporate responsibility, or sustainability, the common global understanding is that a company's long-term financial success goes hand in hand with its record on social responsibility, environmental stewardship and corporate ethics.

Traditionally companies have presented information about their CSR initiatives in official documents such as annual reports, press releases or in a section of its website.  Now companies are looking for new ways of communicating to ensure that CSR stays fresh and interesting to employees and customers. In this blog we’re looking at the power of video to help communicate CSR initiatives in the most impactful way.

Based upon the latest survey by Cone Communications, Corporate Social Return Trend Tracker, 82 percent of surveyed consumers say they are more likely to purchase a product that clearly demonstrates the results of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives compared to a product that does not.  Scientific research shows how CSR is essential for the long-term sustainability of a company; CSR can increase a business’ competitive advantage, protect and raise brand awareness and build trust with customers and employees.   

At Purple Flame Media we work alongside companies to help them visually promote their CSR policy and communicate how they manage their business processes to produce a more positive impact on society.  Recently, our latest CSR videos produced for technology company Avanade, won an EVCOM Clarion award (The leading Awards promoting: CSR, Diversity, Sustainability, Community development, Education and health issues in the UK).  The films look at Avanade's outreach work into schools, promoting technology across a diverse range of pupils and blowing apart the myth that a career in the tech industry means sitting in a darkened room at a computer screen all day. One of the films targeted at schools, has been used across multiple events and careers days and shows how Avanade is committed to breaking down the stereotypes, demonstrates the variety of exciting roles in technology and what technology looks like in today’s ever-changing world. It shows technology as a creative, attractive and dynamic career path for young people whilst also specifically redressing the gender imbalance in the industry.  

The award is a great recognition of the power of film to demonstrate to a wide audience the impact that a company's commitment to CSR can make.  Recruitment manager at Avanade, Chris Skinner added:"Video is such a powerful medium to change perceptions - we've run this video across multiple channels and we've had such fantastic take-up from a wide variety of audiences"

Social media can be really effective at creating a buzz around CSR initiatives.  A growing number of businesses are leveraging social media to trigger interest around the socially responsible work they’re doing. Companies are talking with customers and stakeholders about causes of interest to them, and about how they can work together to have a positive impact on the world. Many companies are working in partnership with charities to fund projects and encourage employee volunteering and an engaging video is a great way to comminicate these partnerships both internally and externally  For example, Samsung's partnership with the Korea International Volunteer Organization has brought solar-powered lanterns to areas where electricity is scarce. The lanterns have helped children and their families. Here's Aster's story - with added light, she is self sufficient and able to make more baskets, save money, and provide for her family:

One way to maximize CSR video communications is to focus on the positive results initiatives have had and to include inspiring personal stories.  Video can be a powerful medium in promoting the benefits of diversity and inclusion at work.  We produced the following film for Telefónica (02) to highlight the success of their diversity policy in the workplace.  The video has been hosted on their new careers website and highlights how Telefónica’s staff are proud to work for the company because of their inclusive policies that celebrate diversity and respect differences.  The video has been very successful in driving a more diverse workforce within the company.

The use of video demonstrates that, by innovating and communicating CSR initiatives in new and exciting ways, companies can raise their profile and have more impactful CSR communications. 

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