Farewell Reflections

Back in 2012 I was drawn Purple Flame Media as I had a real empathy for their mission and values; I’ve loved working here but after five great years this is my final blog. Working with so many inspirational charities has been a real pleasure. Creating films which engage, inform, inspire and motivate; giving a voice to the voiceless and encouraging people to support charities and get involved has been so interesting and enjoyable.

Working for a company which has a meaningful ethos and knowing that every project makes a real difference has been very rewarding. Seeing the reach and effectiveness of the videos we’ve produced is inspiring and it’s a pleasure to do what I enjoy whilst knowing that the work has a wider purpose and makes a real difference to peoples’ lives.

It’s been great to see how the films we’ve produced have helped to reach out to new audiences, encouraged supporters to get involved and driven donations and it’s been interesting working with a wide variety of charities and companies on a really diverse range of projects.  Over the last five years we’ve filmed all over the world, in Bangladesh, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nepal, India and Burundi; meeting people facing tremendous challenges and hardships and being able to communicate their thoughts and experiences has been very gratifying.

I’ve learnt a lot from developing Purple Flame’s marketing and communications and it’s been great seeing my work increase the company’s reach and lead to many new long-term client relationships. Over the last five years we’ve developed new relationships across the charity sector and producing engaging films to promote their work has been very interesting.  From breaking down the stereotypes of domestic abuse to giving an emotional insight into homelessness, raising awareness of cancer symptoms and treatments and encouraging more girls to work in STEM, the projects have been varied.

I’ve loved telling stories that matter - impact stories that create an emotional response and help viewers to engage with a charity’s work. Seeing visual stories stir emotions and persuade audiences to take action (be it sharing, fundraising or volunteering) has been rewarding. Our video for CAFOD told the story of Tuli from rural Bangladesh which has enabled thousands of UK school children to connect with children across the world. Our videos for All We Can have given a voice to refugees from Burundi, excluded tribes in Nepal, marginalised tribal women in India and girls at school in Uganda.  Our fundraising films have helped to drive donations for a broad range of charities including Great Ormond Street Hospital, Muscular Dystrophy, Serve, Emmaus, The Children's Society and Mothers' Union.

I’ve specifically enjoyed writing creative concepts for video projects; devising ways to visually demonstrate the power of a charity’s work has been interesting and seeing your creative ideas come to life on film is very gratifying. I’ve also loved writing blogs on such a great breadth of issues, from Empowering Women to Challenging attitudes on domestic abuse, Internet Activism and Changing stereotypes, I’ve written over 100 Purple Flame blogs now!

Initiating and building effective working partnerships with membership networks such as CharityComms and the Institute of Fundraising has also been very enjoyable and designing and building the new video rich Purple Flame website was fun.  I’ve also enjoyed managing our charity video training courses and developing the new group iPhone video training course. 

Working in a small team has given me a broad experience in marketing, communications, business development and project management. I’m very grateful for gaining such invaluable experience whilst working flexible hours so that I could spend precious time with my children.  I’m sure that my experience at Purple Flame Media will help me in my new role as Marketing & Engagement Manager for an educational charity. Thanks to everyone I’ve worked with for such a great five years; I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone I’ve met along the way.

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