Faith in Action

Membership and belonging lies at the heart of Mothers’ Union activities; they’re a Christian community caring for the vulnerable and working towards social justice. Mothers’ Union supported over 64,000 vulnerable people in communities around the world last year. Our series of films celebrate the charity’s work around the world and raise awareness of both the range of their work and the benefits of membership.

Our last film in the series ‘Community of Faith’ visually demonstrates members ‘faith in action’, specifically highlighting how members are motivated by their faith.  The short film shows members as an active part of their community, church and society and demonstrates how members actively support each other.

We filmed members in Uganda and the UK, finding out why they are involved; how they’re engaging with their community and responding to a local need. From filming in a child contact centre, hearing how members are supporting families going through divorce to seeing how members are supporting young homeless women and how members are ending dependency in communities in Uganda.

The series of videos have been actively promoted to Mothers’ Union members around the world to celebrate the charity’s work and they've also been a vital communication tool in demonstrating the ongoing need and driving support and funding.



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