'Diversity & Inclusion: the Avanade Way' shortlisted for RAD Award

Last week we were really pleased to find out that our latest CSR video has been shortlisted for an award.  For 24 years the RADs has championed the very best of recruitment marketing and our Diversity film for Avanade has been shortlisted in their new ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ category.  ‘Diversity & inclusion: the Avanade Way’ celebrates diversity and inclusion within technology company Avanade and illustrates the diverse range of people working at all levels in the company.  To promote the approachable and inclusive attitude that Avanade fosters the video is being deployed online on YouTube, the Avanade website, Avanade social media channels and in employee internal communications.  The film is primarily being used as a recruitment tool and is targeted at potential employees.  However, it’s also being shown to internal employees to recognize the talent and diversity within the company and to potential and existing clients as recognition of Avanade’s inclusive and adaptable culture.

Employees were filmed in London and Seattle; short case studies highlight diversity in gender, age, ethnicity and sexuality and each interviewee gives a brief insight into their experience of diversity at Avanade. The stories told within the film represent the spread of diversity throughout all levels of Avanade and promote Avanade’s commitment from the top down.

The video compliments Avanade’s on-going drive for their ‘Attract, develop, keep’ campaign and the company’s strategy to better attract, develop and retain women in the company.  Regional round-table events in over 20 countries asked employees for ideas on how to attract and retain women and a Global Women’s Planning and Steering Committee works to bring together Avanade women to focus on global pipeline issues.  Three sub-committees deepen the focus on 1) Work / Life balance 2) Recruitment & Attraction 3) Mentoring Program. 

Avanade is committed to recruiting, retaining and promoting a diverse workforce because it believes diversity is critical to its business success. Avanade’s strategic focus is to attract and retain the best and the brightest and create a strong, ensuring all employees’ diversity, talents and skills are leveraged. The film enables Avanade to communicate to potential employees that they will be respected for their talents and differences, and recognised for their strengths.  This respect will help encourage staff to be more engaged through increased morale, productivity and retention levels.  Embracing diversity (and multiple perspectives) enables Avanade to differentiate itself in the market by really understanding its customers, increasing creativity and driving innovation.  Vikki Leach, Director of D&I at Avanade said

“As a global organization, Avanade is committed to recruiting, retaining and promoting a diverse workforce. This film has captured the hearts of many people within Avanade, with a huge amount of positivity from all levels.  It truly shows the diversity and the inclusivity of our work place.  We shall continue to build on this, as we believe that diversity & inclusion brings innovation and helps us perform better as a company."

From social media to best campaign the RADs recognise all areas of recruitment communications, click here to see the full list of shortlisted entries across 17 categories.  We're keeping our fingers crossed and are really looking forward to the awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel on 30th January!  


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