Diversity film for global research firm, Kantar

Earlier this year saw the promotion of our latest diversity and inclusion film - this time for global market research leader, Kantar. We decided to take a slightly sideways look at the brief. Our first thought was to focus much more on the word "inclusion", rather than diversity - so many other films talk about diversity - which is great - but for Kantar, their policy is all about "inclusion and diversity"; inclusion being the first word. It might seem like semantics, but it provided the focus for us to think about how a diverse workforce, across many countries and with people of all backgrounds works together in an inclusive process.

Taking this forward - we decided to get contributors to read out statements made about them from someone else in the organisation who represented a different background from them - be that culturally, ethnically, age, sex or orientation. Before filming, we didn't know what reaction we would get from people and we asked them to read out the statements without having seen what was written beforehand - effectively reacting live on camera. We were overwhelmed with the responses we were able to capture (far more than we had time to edit into the film) and the depth of the authentic reactions spoke volumes about the approach to inclusion. The film was produced with 7 different language subtitled versions.

It was great working with Vikki Leach, Kantar's Global Head for Inclusion and Diversity - we've been privileged to work with her on many projects, not just at Kantar but in her previous roles at Avanade and Telefónica.
She commented that "Purple Flame's recent film for Kantar delivers an emotional punch alongside clear messaging as to the importance of inclusion in our business – they worked closely with Kantar all the way from concept to completion and delivery on this significant project."

Here’s the film:

Inclusion & Diversity at Kantar (English) from Kantar on Vimeo.


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