Diamonds, beer and lasers

Working for the Royal Society is never dull – we’ve recently been contracted to produce a series of films celebrating their Innovations Awards and also looking at the balancing act of a scientific career that encompasses both commercial and academic aspects. The process has taken us from a furniture factory in Camden, to University campuses in London and Warwick and to a brewing laboratory in Nottingham.

What has tied all of the various contributors together has been the application of their scientific research into the commercial sector – seeing the way in which innovation is then translated into something that has marketable potential. Our job was to take that insight and deliver that in a short and punchy series of films to be launched at the Royal Society "Labs to Riches"

As with similar films, the work starts in earnest several weeks before the actual film date, firming up the creative outline with the client, planning logistics and most importantly, phone conversations with the scientists themselves. These calls give us the chance to explore their work in more detail but more importantly, make a connection with them and assess what they are most passionate about and will make the best connection with the intended audience.

One of the innovations we’ve been using with these films is the new review panels provided on the platform that we use for our client to review films. The service enables us to post rough cuts and previews of the edit online but with a secure password system, so that only people with the password can view the edit. We’ve recently been using an upgraded function where the film can be commented on in real time, meaning that any specific comments can be seen directly at the point int the film they refer to – saving the client time in copying and pasting timings into a word document but also allowing us to comment back. The potential collaboration is not only time-saving but allows for much clearer and direct feedback.

Anyhow – enough technical nonsense – here’s one of the films below, looking at a new way of diagnosing cancer. You can also read more on the Royal Society website here.



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