Christmas CSR Advent

The weather has turned, Christmas ads are on the telly, advent calendars have been opened and the shops are full of people frantically trying to find the best gift or the best bargain.  It’s a busy time of year but the real spirit of Christmas is cherishing peace and goodwill and giving to those less fortunate.  We love helping companies promote their CSR initiatives and show how their companies are making a difference.  We’re always inspired by the impact CSR projects have and as we prepare for the festive season and reflect on 2014, we felt compelled to tell our clients that we 'Love What You Do'.  So, this year we’ve created a Purple Flame Media CSR Advent which celebrates the inspiring achievements our clients have accomplished in 2014.

From environmental initiatives, corporate volunteering and raising awareness to developing effective charity partnerships, our clients are dynamic companies who are changing attitudes and proving that CSR has numerous social, environmental and economic benefits.  We are always moved by the dedication and compassion we see in all the people we meet in the industry and we want to celebrate all that our clients do.

So, our Twitter Advent celebrates the amazing work of our CSR clients, not just in the season of goodwill but all 364 days of the year. Between 1st and 25th December we’ll be sending messages celebrating the amazing achievements of some of the companies and charities we’ve worked with over the last 14 years so watch out for our messages on Twitter and Facebook under the hashtag #PFMAdvent!  It’s the time of year that charitable giving is at its highest and we are reflecting on how we can make more of a difference in the New Year.  I hope our messages encourage even more companies to think about how they manage their business processes to produce a more positive impact on society.  We’ve produced this vine to help spread peace and goodwill and tell our clients that we 'Love What You Do':


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