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This year’s Volunteers’ Week has been extended, running from the 1st to the 12th of June, giving volunteers and the charity sector more time to celebrate and get involved!  It's great to see the amazing contribution volunteers make – in the UK, over 21 million people volunteer at least once a year and this contributes around £23.9bn to the country’s economy. It’s wonderful that so many people care passionately about charities and their communities and want to play an active role in improving them.

These 21 million people are making a big difference; they’re supporting the vulnerable, improving the environment and contributing to a range of essential services and support. So many charities are completely reliant on the support of volunteers and volunteers themselves also get so much out of donating their own personal time and efforts.  Volunteering is a life-enhancing experience for the volunteers as well as the beneficiaries, I’ve definitely found that in my volunteering experience.  Corporate organisations are increasingly aware that allowing staff time off from work to volunteer for local charities can increase their commitment and motivation, improve team-working and leadership skills, enhance staff recruitment and retention and build brand loyalty. 

Over the last year, here at Purple Flame Media, we’ve seen firsthand how invaluable the support of volunteers is to charities. Our films have shown how integral volunteers are at Habitat for Humanity Homes, how volunteer drivers at Serve support vulnerable older people get to hospital and how volunteering at Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food has changed volunteers’ lives.

At Habitat for Humanity Homes, volunteers work alongside the charity, actively building homes and helping to tackle housing poverty.  We produced a video for the charity to show to volunteers on-site to inspire them to get involved in a wider capacity and engage long-term with the charity.  The video specifically thanks volunteers and demonstrates how integral their support is to the charity’s work, here’s the #PartOfTheSolution video: 

We've also been able to document the positive impact volunteering has on volunteers. Our films for Ministry of Food were produced to highlight the revolutionary impact of food education. We filmed several video case studies which demonstrate the change that learning simple cooking skills can bring into diet, health and inequality. In this film, Michelle tells us about how volunteering at Ministry of Food in Leeds has “changed her life”:

Last year we produced a series of films for Serve who support older people in Northampton.  The videos are led by their beneficiaries; interviews with staff, service users and volunteers demonstrate how Serve are transforming lives and visually show the impact of the charity. This video particularly focuses on how transport services and the support of volunteer drivers help vulnerable people stay healthy and independent.

It’s been great to visually document how charities and volunteers are positively working together; I hope these films have helped to encourage more people to volunteer and make a real tangible difference.


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