Charity video produced on a mobile – IOF competition winners

I was glad of a warm reception as I arrived at the entrance to St Kentigern’s Hospice; outside the ice was crunching under foot and a brisk wind blowing. I’d travelled up to work alongside the fundraising department at the hospice – they’d won our December IOF competition with a strongly worded, straight-to- the-point entry that clearly outlined a case-study that they want to film, to highlight the work of the hospice.

They wanted to break down some misconceptions about a hospice being just a place to die –but to look at their holistic approach in supporting patients with life-limiting illnesses to live as full and active a life as possible. With that in mind, they’d chosen to feature Gwyn, who’d been given a new focus through art therapy. The competition prize was a day’s training in using mobile phone filming to produce short, impactful charity films, with the aim to film this particular Art Therapy case study in the afternoon.

One of the key things we teach in our training, regardless of whether this is on mobile phones or the latest film equipment, is the need to plan effectively – thinking through who your audience will be, what messages you want to communicate, and from the charity perspective – what is the call to action? The call to action doesn’t always have to be a strong fundraising call – in this case, it was about raising awareness of the wider aspects of hospice services. Particularly if filming and editing on a phone, it’s important to keep the aims of your film in mind, to keep the amount you film within manageable limits.

Through the morning, we looked at various tips and techniques for using a mobile – thinking through focusing, orientation and stability, before going on to consider interview techniques and filming action and sequences. Lunch came and went, with a bit of planning and thinking through the afternoon shoot, then we had a pleasant few hours with Gywn as he not only told us about the Art Therapy sessions and what they meant to him, but also demonstrated his mosaic techniques in a practical session.

The whole of the filming was completed on an iPhone and shot by the Hospice staff – the resulting film (below) highlights the quality of what can be achieved on a mobile device:


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