Can your audience hear you?

An increasing amount of internet traffic is now devoted to video. Cisco estimates that by 2020, around 82% of all global internet traffic will be video. The way that we're watching and interacting with video online is changing all the time. One key change is that an increasing number of people are watching videos without sound - in fact, 85% of Facebook videos are known to be watched without sound!

Of course on all social networks, we have to work within the constraints of each platform – on Twitter we have the restriction of only 140 characters, on Snapchat we have under 10 seconds, and on Facebook, we have to deal with the fact that videos auto-play silently in the news feed. Facebook has built a system where users don’t have to turn the volume up to enjoy videos, and brands are having to ensure that either subtitles are turned on or they’re having to find new ways to captivate viewers.  

Video producers need to be more creative to ensure that videos gain maximum reach and impact.  So how can we increase the impact of our videos and make them stand out? You could consider the following:

Adding subtitles

This can be done at the editing stage (creating graphics in the edit programme to display on screen as an actual part of the video file) or created afterwards as an optional extra.

YouTube now allows you to easily add and edit captions; here’s a guide we’ve created on how to create subtitles.

Powerful visuals

Keep your video content visually engaging – tell stories with powerful images and engaging and inspiring visuals as well as quotes and audio.

Clear on-screen graphics

Emphasise any call-to-action with clear text graphics on screen, such as in this film we edited for Muscular Dystrophy charity. The call-to-action starts mid-way through the film and is visible all the way to the end.

Embrace the silence

If you can tell a high impact story without the need for sound then you’ll be able to tailor videos specifically to Facebook’s user trends and boost the effectiveness of your content.

Obviously it creates an extra workload for time poor charities to edit separate content for each social media channel but if bespoke content can be created for each channel, reach and engagement will be maximised. 

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