Award Winning Charity Film Production

We're thrilled to announce that we've won two IVCA Clarion awards.  In the charity and social enterprise sector, the iota films, produced in association with Methodist Relief and Development Fund won the 'Best Interactive' Award and were 'Highly Commended' in the 'Strategic Communications' category.  The 'Interactive' award recognises the best campaign in which audiences are required to participate and the 'Strategic Communications' award recognises the best use of media to deliver an integrated communication strategy.

The IVCA Clarion awards are not-for-profit and recognise best practice in communicating the importance of CSR, diversity, community development, ethical, health and welfare issues in the public, charity, social enterprise and corporate sectors. The IVCA Clarions make a unique contribution to both business and society, by identifying the role of the communicator in encouraging an ethical culture, and fostering higher levels of engagement with key social or environmental issues.

Iota is an 8-session multimedia course exploring global poverty issues such as debt, trade justice and climate change.  A free resource, it promotes the idea that no-one is too small to make a difference. We worked alongside MRDF to produce the film content for the course.  Filming in Mali (West Africa) and the UK, we produced over 12 films for the course, with a mix of live action, interviews and animations.  The films were all compiled into an interactive DVD that also included a photo library and packaged with a course booklet produced by MRDF.  During the ceremony IVCA said "The iota films are well-crafted films which form a thought provoking suite of resources, inspiring informed debate and discussion".

Phil Knox attended the awards with Simeon Mitchell,  Acting Executive Director at MRDF, here he talks about working with Purple Flame Media after receiving the Best Interactive award:

Here are a couple of the films from the course, firstly the 30 second advert we produced:

This film looks at the multiple causes of poverty, introduced by our Malian narrator, Mamadou:


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