4 stations, 2 years and 6 cameras

Phil from Purple Flame Media, running the charity video training course

We started the journey with Urban Expression almost 2 years ago, when they contacted us to talk about the possibility of putting a film together. Wrapped up against the November cold, we met in a café opposite Euston station to talk through possibilities – and it rapidly became apparent that the best way forward would be to train their core team to film and edit, allowing them not only to produce one film for Urban Expression but take this forward, using and sharing their skills.

6 months later, we met in a training room above King’s Cross station for 2 days of training. We ran our advanced course, training across DSLRS, camcorders and mobile phones. As per all of our film-making courses, the emphasis was very much on production skills – we firmly believe in the power of good storytelling, so we make sure that the training focuses on visual storytelling, gaining great interviews and that it doesn’t get bogged down in too much technical detail.

Urban expression video training in action

Our intern at the time, Melissa, wrote about the experience here:

Track forward 16 months and a couple of meetings with Jim, one of Urban Expression’s coordinators just outside Liverpool Street station and I was heading up to Birmingham to supervise their first main shoot. They’d decided to go forward with an ambitious project to visually illustrate a beat poem that reflected who they were as an organisation. 

Filming with Urban Expression on iPads

We ended up filming with 2 tricked up iPads, with additional lenses and tripod fixings and recording audio onto a separate audio recorder – so plenty of learning points on being able to synchronise audio later in the edit. The rain held off, our 4 contributors delivered their lines with aplomb and we made sure we had the footage copied and backed up and ready for the final day of editing training.

2 weeks later and I’m once again wrapped up and back to Euston station, to head up to Stoke-on-Trent. Gathered around one of the team’s kitchen table, we set up their computer, load up the images and audio and spend the day talking through editing  - by it’s very nature, this day is a fair bit more technically orientated but through the training we keep taking a step back to look at the overall edit and ensure that we think about the target audience, what they understand and how this will come across.

Job done! Well, almost. I’ve left the team completing the edit, which we will being previewing online and providing feedback on, before releasing it to the world. As they say (or someone says) – watch this space….

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