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by Phil Knox on 23 October 2019

Earlier this year saw the promotion of our latest diversity and inclusion film - this time for global market research leader, Kantar. We decided to take a slightly sideways look at the brief. Our first thought was to focus much more on the word "inclusion", rather than diversity - so many other films talk about diversity - which is great - but for Kantar, their policy is all about "inclusion

by Phil Knox on 3 December 2018

Over a quarter of a million views, plenty of online engagement and an award to boot - that has been Headway's experience with a set of films we produced for them over the past year.

We recently completed on the final film in a series for Headway - a charity that supports people (and their families and carers) who have experienced a brain injury. With some scripted filming, a series of

by Phil Knox on 14 July 2017

We've just heard that one of our clients, Phoenix Community Housing has won a Tpas award (Tpas are a national tenant engagement charity) for their Annual Report 2015-16. We worked with Phoenix last year to produce a whole raft of photography and video content to go in both their printed and digital annual report; what makes Phoenix really unique is the way in which they involve tenants in the

by Phil Knox on 21 April 2017

Working for the Royal Society is never dull – we’ve recently been contracted to produce a series of films celebrating their Innovations Awards and also looking at the balancing act of a scientific career that encompasses both commercial and academic aspects. The process has taken us from a furniture factory in Camden, to University campuses in London and Warwick and to a brewing laboratory in

by Phil Knox on 26 March 2017

It’s springtime! Walking over to the office, large mug of tea in hand, to write a raft of generally non-urgent emails, I was caught by the dappled light playing on some of the recently opened buds.  It brought me up short and made me think of the number of times that we plough through life, failing to look up or around and take pleasure in some of the simple things.

So, instead of

by Kate Topping on 9 March 2017

Back in 2012 I was drawn Purple Flame Media as I had a real empathy for their mission and values; I’ve loved working here but after five great years this is my final blog. Working with so many inspirational charities has been a real pleasure. Creating films which engage, inform, inspire and motivate; giving a voice to the voiceless and encouraging people to support charities and get involved


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