Avanade: 'Changing Perceptions of Technology Careers'

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Changing Perceptions

Proposition: Help change the perception of technology and encourage more young people to consider a career in the sector. Whilst encouraging a wider and more diverse scope of applicants the film particularly encourages girls into the industry. Show technology as a creative, attractive and dynamic career path for young people.

Process: To break down the stereotype of people working in technology we opened with a stereotypical ‘geek’ sat at a computer, followed by a montage of shots showing Avanade employees working across a variety of exciting roles. We filmed Avanade employees visiting schools to encourage more women and ethnic minority students to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Outcome: The film is being used in school presentations and at school careers days and careers fairs, helping Avanade promote the benefits of working in the technology sector. Amy dos Santos, Senior Specialist Marketing & Comms at Avanade said “After working closely with us on the brief, objectives, theming and scripting they were quick to turnaround the proposal into reality. They have captured all the key messages in an engaging way and we are proud to share these films with employees, future recruits, and our customers.”

Award Winner

The videos won a 2014 EVCOM Clarion award in the Strategic Communications category. At the awards ceremony, Chris Skinner from Avanade said "Video is such a powerful medium to change perceptions, we've had a fantastic take-up from a wide variety of audiences".

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