Health and Safety gone serious...

Health and Safety gone serious…

Over the past 16 years, we’ve worked many times with Habitat for Humanity – producing charity films for them both internationally and with their UK-based teams. Working to overcome housing poverty, in the UK they partner with corporate organisations, often bringing volunteers onto construction sites to help with the building process.

Working on-site, particularly as a volunteer with little or no previous building experience, can present a whole raft of hazards – whilst Habitat for Humanity Homes give a comprehensive safety briefing at the start of the day, they wanted to have something that would give participants a heads-up on H&S before they arrived.

Step forward (carefully avoiding obstacles and wearing a high-vis vest…) Purple Flame Media. Knowing the organisation well, we wanted to ensure that this communicated their approach and brand values, as well as being a useful and informative resource. With this in mind, we worked alongside one of their regular site supervisors, Ken Williams, to draft a script that he could present to give the film a personable and friendly face, rather than just a raft of instructions.

The final film fuses building footage from our many shoots with Habitat for Humanity, along with Ken’s presentation and on-screen graphics to reinforce the safety message.

David Clare, Business Development Manager Habitat for Humanity GB Homes said “…another really good piece of work for us, and brings together quite a bit of site footage to showcase what we do here really well, in addition to the H&S purpose.”


Habitat for Humanity Homes - Health and Safety film from Purple Flame Media on Vimeo.

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